Bugs and Books Classroom Programme

2 hours
Max 30 students

Capitalise on your students’ interest in insects! This hands-on programme integrates science and English, using live insects as the focus.

Students interact with live insects and learn about their adaptations, then listen to a reading from Robinne’s adventure novel, A Glint of Exoskeleton, which uses the real-life adaptations of insects as inspiration.

In the second hour, Robinne guides students through the process of using facts to create believable fiction. Students develop insect characters and write stories based on one of the live insects from the classroom programme.

insectsintheclassroomcoverProgramme price includes a classroom copy of A Glint of Exoskeleton and a copy of Robinne’s activity guide, Insects in the Classroom. Teachers can also purchase additional copies of Insects in the Classroom ($45), and its kid-friendly companion, Backyard Bugwatcher ($25).

Students will have an opportunity to purchase signed copies of Robinne’s books ($25) at the end of the programme.

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